Did you count 8 drops? Congratulations, DropScope did too.

Consider this before buying

The DropScope is the result of years in research and enhancements done in the field by renowned researches in Agronomy, Application technology specialists and computer scientists specialized in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

If we have 8 drops stained in the water sensitive paper, the DropScope software will count 8 drops. It seems obvious, but DropScope is the only solution, with hardware and software, capable of doing a precise evaluation, since it was validated scientifically by specialists and Application Technology.

This precise result is due to the high resolution of its digital microscope and the  state of the art algorithm to count drops. Learn more reading the text below.

Drops counting

The great innovation of DropScope is in the process to count drops. It uses an advanced and exclusive technique that individualizes drops before counting. Overlapped drops are counted separately.

The DropScope counted 8 drops in this image, because it can count overlapped drops. This enhances precision and can obtain a reliable distribuition of drops getting close to the real application characteristics.

Just 4 drops where counted in this image using other softwares on the market that can’t individualize drops. This has direct impact in the number of drops per squared inch and also on the Volumetric Median Diameter (VMD).


High resolution x Low resolution

A water sensitive paper can be stained by drops of at least 50um approximately (50 x 1mm /1000) . High resolution is a requirement. DropScope can count and measure drops of at least 40um.  (Learn more…)

Drops capture with high resolution by DropScope. The border definition is evident and ideal for precise measurements.

Drops image captured by a 300dpi scanner or a mobile phone camera.


What is a drop and what isn’t a drop.

DropScope uses an adaptive segmentation technique. This means that it is able to understand image variations in constrast and decide what is a drop and count it. It also corrects the spread factor of the drops according to Syngenta recommendations. The software also has an easy to use editor to remove accidental stains on the paper (digital marks or running).

Original image showing that the drops have fading blue borders. It seems that the drop is blurred and if not taken into account will impact on the precision of measurements.

DropScope applies an advanced Adaptive Segmentation technique that first understands the image and then select the best threshold automatically. This is useful to handle paper degradation due to exposure to humidity.


Common mistakes

A lot of softwares let the user adjust the image. This is not productive and can generate distortions on the real measures of the drops. One wrong measurement can seriously impact the analysis results.

COMMON MISTAKE: Without the DropScope advanced techniques, small drops can disappear or have much lower measurements.

COMMON MISTAKE: There is also the opposite effect, when drops increase too much in size and have a major impact in VMD calculation for instance.