DropCard – Smart water sensitive card

The DropCards are smart water sensitive cards that were developed exclusively for using with DropScope. The main purpose of the solution is to enhance productivity through a better organization of the process of placing and collecting water sensitive cards.

The DropCard uses the quality of the excelent Syngenta water sensitive paper with the functionalities and precision o DropScope reader.

It has a safe area for manipulation and a QrCode for unique identification. The sensitive area of each card is about 25mm x 26mm and they come in laminated ziplock packs with 50 cards each, including a silica package for protection against humidity.

After joining the DropScope Club and acquiring DropCards you will have acess to the exclusive app to organize and prepare analysis in the field.

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Whatch the video below to know more about this innovation:


The DropCard é a product that uses water sensitive papers from Syngenta, keeping all its original characteristics except its size. It is not a Syngenta product.