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How much does DropScope cost?

The DropScope is sold as a Kit containing:

  • an exclusive water sensitive paper reader
  • one usb cable
  • one hermetic rugged cas
  • one DropScope sofware license for pc/notebook (Windows 7 or above).

The kit price is $1.500,00 if you join the DropScope Club or $2.000,00 out of the club.

How much does DropCard cost?

If you join the DropScope Club you can buy a pack with 50 smart cards for $22.00 each and have access to an exclusive app to manage those cards.

What is the DropScope club?

The club consists of a minimal purchase of 20 packs with 50 DropCards. If you join it, you have access to:

  • An exclusive app to georeference, organize and gather information for each DropCard;
  • 25% discount on DropScope kit


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